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‘Blade Marketing’ offer quality data extraction services for variety of business and industries. We scrap data from several search channels, online forms, websites, emails and more. Fully managed enterprise grade data scraping services with cold reach emails to enhance business outcomes so you could make right decisions for your company.

A complete services provider of data without using software, hardware and scraping tools, we extract data manually to ensure the best information could be yielded. Data scraping enable businesses to have structured data on search engines so that you could consume it for profitable purposes and significant business values.

Gather data for global financial markets, stock markets, trading commodity, ecommerce businesses with product prices, reviews, brand reputation and more. Extract data from all types of sites and applications.

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Data Scraping Services

Scraping Instagram

Instagram scraping offered by us deliver influencers profile URL, number of followers, post details, comments, likes, business opportunities.

Scraping Facebook

Get enormous data with scraping facebook service. Receive comprehensive information on profiles, pages, data feed with accurate information on competitor’s business page.

Scraping LinkedIn

Scraping LinkedIn to get quality data analysis of employee and company profiles. Convert stale emails into rich information of employee/person.

eCommerce Scraping

eCommerce web scraping could assist you in analyzing product and store position in the market by sellers, pricing, product review and more. We offer scraping services in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and more.

We Target Audience of Several Locations Across The Globe

If you want to grow online ‘Blade Marketing’ is a b2b marketing company that could help you grow and manage your brand on all paid and organic platforms. From b2b marketing services, lead generation, LinkedIn scrapping, Instagram scrapping, Facebook scrapping to deliver quality emails and crucial information from your industry top competitors. Get assured quality data to create unique marketing model. 

S.No Country S.No Country
1 The United Kingdom 2 The United States
3 India 4 China
5 Japan 6 Russia
7 Indonesia 8 Japan
9 Indonesia 10 Germany
11 SouthAfrica 12 Spain
13 Singapore 14 Malaysia 
15 Israel 16 Austria
17 Switzerland 18 Finland
19 Italy 20 Thailand

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Data scraping services using multiple paid, unpaid and social media channels